Unionville Markham engagement photos | Ashley + Jay

“What a super cute couple” is what Laura and I said to each other after meeting Ashley and Jay for the first time last September. We couldn’t wait to get out and work with them. They had expressed they wanted a fun but romantic feel to their engagement photos. After discussing a few location ideas they decided an evening in Unionville Markham would be the perfect setting for their eSession. It was at the start of their shoot that I discovered Ashley’s LOVE of shoes. As her and Jay made their way to our meeting spot on Main street I caught a glimpse of the shoes she was rocking. I must admit, they may have gotten me a little too excited… lol! You can’t mistake the red soles of Christian Louboutin’s. Ashley and Jay quickly confirmed their super cute status with their playfulness throughout their engagement shoot. Here is a selection of images we captured for them.

(I also came to the realization during their eSession that I know way too much about womens footwear! :D)