Lifestyle photographer


"I feel very fortunate to have photographed and been part of so many wonderful weddings over the last 18 years. Celebrations of every scale in so many incredible locations."


Sam fell in love with the art of photography as a teenager. There has been a camera in his hand most days now for over half his life. Photography introduced him to his wife and closest friends. It has shaped his life in countless ways and will forever be an essential part of him.

His passion in photography lies in documenting life. Capturing the fleeting moments between the more obvious ones. The little things. Creating art with your life’s story.

With the invention of digital photography it is very easy now to take a “pretty” picture. His goal is to create images that speak to who you are. Photographs that reveal a glimpse into your personalties both as individuals and as a couple. Portraits that evoke your closet friends and family to say “WOW that is SO you.”