Union Station Toronto engagement | Heather + Bobby

Long before the amazing weather we have been having this summer we made our way out to photograph Heather & Bobby’s engagement photos in Toronto. We decided to walk in and around Union Station as the weather was not overly favourable too be outdoors for to long. Even with the cold windy afternoon we were having these guys were game to brave it outside for a short while. Here are a few images from their eSession.

Union Station Toronto engagementUnion Station Toronto engagementUnion Station Toronto engagementToronto-Union-Station-Downtown-eSession_vc04Toronto-Union-Station-Downtown-eSession_vc05Toronto-Union-Station-Downtown-eSession_vc06Toronto-Union-Station-Downtown-eSession_vc07Toronto-Union-Station-Downtown-eSession_vc08Toronto-Union-Station-Downtown-eSession_vc09Toronto-Union-Station-Downtown-eSession_vc10Toronto-Union-Station-Downtown-eSession_vc11Toronto-Union-Station-Downtown-eSession_vc12